For my Brother, on the occasion of his wedding

“It is through fire & water that the whole place is purified –
the visible by the visible, the hidden by the hidden.
There are some things hidden through those visible.
There is water in water, there is fire in chrism”
– The Gospel of Philip

If all of life is but a dream
then please remember an image of me fondly
standing in front of the people
speaking directly to the two of you.

I’ve spoken to you both with my own mouth
enough to trust in your trusting hearts
so here I turn my hand  – my heart, my soul! –
to say what my voice cannot
& yet somehow quite mysteriously
words can provide an impression of the same.

Words. how to use the fewest & still be true?
How to hold the love that I share with both of you?
the love that we share in among all 3 of us?

You both know this;
I clap, I sing, I laugh.
I celebrate this Union.
May the wind be at (y)our backs.
May we learn each day through love more
than we ever could through money.
May we continue to see the light in everything – especially through cold winters.

May you come to receive as you give
& to find joy in Always Giving
& to always be giving joyfully.

May we return to each other again
& again remembering the feeling
of this Moment.

I love you both.
I am so pleased to call you

my brother, my sister, 
my Family.
May we all continue to love
one another.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The whisper is loud when it is
the Beloved’s voice that speaks.

The uneasy weight of the 21st century
is lighter when we have a hand to hold.
So take each other’s hands
in the name of Those-Who-Love
Learn each other’s hands.
Memorize them if you are able
You will come to learn
there is more than skin & bone inside.
There is Work. There is Love
& the Other.


In late September of this year I spent a week in my hometown of Rochester, NY to celebrate the wedding of my younger brother to his lovely partner Jacquie.  This was the longest time that I have spent in my hometown in a number of years & I am glad to say that it was time away from Philly that was full of love & life.  I wrote this after spending a day hanging out with Jacquie, which included receiving a Golden Orb Oneness Blessing from a kind woman working in a shop that sold a lot of malachite.  I knew that I would write them something & I considered asking them if I could say a few words at the reception, but I decided against it, to allow them to have the day as they saw it without me imposing myself into it more than my presence already did.  I’m glad that I didn’t.  Their friends Adam & Sarah wrote a poem of their own that they shared & was perfect for the day. I shed a tear or two from it.  I would have lost it if I read this out loud, but I was able to share it with them shortly after I returned to Philadelphia.  This poem will be contained in THE MIDDLE.  Thanks for reading.

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