Other facets of the stone

I am not only an infrequent wordpress-er, but an infrequent instagrammer as well.

When I post on instagram, it is usually right after I have written something in my notebook & I am looking back over it & feeling open enough to sharing it in that moment with the whole wide internet.  Other times I find myself writing on my phone; taking a shit at work or in texts to friends, using emojis or whatever else the tool of the iphone 6 offers me that day.

You can find some just-hatched thoughts on ig    @thisdango

In other news, I was trying to track my former-self down on the Internet earlier & came across this funny little moment of my life & thought I would share it…

I once met a girl named Anna when I was working at Johnny Brenda’s sometime in the late 00s.  One night there was a benefit show for a guy who I guess was pretty prominent in the art scene in Philly/New York & a bunch of hip people were there.  I lit Chloe Sevigny’s cigarette that night (real good vibe, that one). Anna stopped to chat with me after I checked her ID & we got along very well. Time went by quick & flirty. While I was exactly her type (“short, Jew-y dudes”, in her words), she was about a foot taller than me which -back then – made me feel insecure & so it just wasn’t there for me. We would run into each other around town for a while but less frequently as the years went on. Once, she came to the party that I DJed & told my co-DJ bud: “I just want to put him on my shoulders like a backpack & go on adventures.”
It is still the greatest thing that I am aware a woman has ever said about me.
When I came across Anna’s blog tonight I was glad to see that she was still writing her thoughts out on the same blog she told me about when I met her those many moons ago.  I have never been able to keep myself to continuing to share at least some of my thoughts on the internet but I have slowly been getting better…trying to use the tools as they are available.
I have also been inspired by my brother James & the writing he has been doing on his blog. It has helped me to make a simple decision: I am going to get back to this work.  It makes sense to me to throw some messages out in 1s-&-0s (s/o to double-Dan:”Massive Love for the sesh“) with the coming days ahead.  I am not afraid to make wordpress my diary/livejournal, to get it out sans edits & move ahead.
The sun is going to be coming in through the sliding-glass doors soon.

Outside someone is starting their day.
I am off to sleep.
good night internet.
good night people.

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