I celebrated 33 trips around the sun yesterday.
Today, a dear friend shared something.
It is truly a gift.

For any ears out there in the great bright void…I am putting the finishing touches on my first collection of work (click anywhere in here if you would like to help out).  In the meantime, a lot of work has been coming out of me & I wanted to reach back out into the void & say hello.

Eleven, sixteen

…the third seal opened, the angel of Law […] final day: The opiate of people […] ninety familiar spirits […] powers, machinery, society; Atlantean gnosis […] Atlantis […] knowledge [..] turtle. feathered serpent, double cross (XX=TT) ouija board, religious faith (moral high ground) […] my father […] the last Adam Kadmon is […] pictured […] phi ratio […] matter’s manifestation […] the imperturbable Earth.

The root chakra […] however […] base the death […] of a hierarchy […] administrator to be honored.  A philosopher […] a throne of God (Sirius A) […] a map (Pleiades, light squared)  […] oscillate, return […] destiny, […] counter doomsday.
I an ded
C the key?

I ate the little book
& the ornaments.
(Rubic’s three-
three-three cube)
Feathered serpent change
not I.
(Nothing left to kill.)
The composer is dead,
the silence begotten.

Meritocracy bare, undone.

There I’ll be.


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