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Afternoon Thoughts of Another

Here is another poem from my forthcoming book, The Middle.

Afternoon Thoughts of Another

I feel you when numbers crawl forward
in arbitrary times – 12:34, 1:23, 2:48 –
or stutter over themselves
in my mind – 2:22, 5:55, 11:11

I feel you when
my thoughts take on the shape
of your emotions, when your
vista becomes mine,
when I must keep myself
to my own limits,
assuming nothing
that has not been revealed
& surprise myself
at my available patience.
I do not control this
phenomenon & this frightens me.

Love is a many-headed beast
formed through a polity
& all reactionary policies
broke down when I first
heard you, met you,
saw you in front of me.

I feel you when you are
not where you wish to be,
when certain factors
make sentience harder
then it already is
& when you are here
with me I never know
when we have reached
the right moment
to tell you that;
I am not a complete idiot,
though I make (many) mistakes
You are always beautiful
& I do not need eyes
to know this
I love you
all of the time
& often make the
mistake of trying
to express impossible
things like that
I have been writing for most of my life and this is the first time that I have felt brave enough to put my work out as a book.
It would mean the world to me if you would help me make this happen.  Head over to my gofundme page for more details and thank you so much for reading this.  Peace & love to you all on this Supermoon Sunday.

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