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Philadelphia’s own Valeriya Valkova

paint painting art color sleep sleeping giants people town old house val valeriya valkova philly philadelphia design detail
Sleeping Giants, 2009 (acrylic)

I am fairly certain that I am surrounded by some the more talented people out there. The visual artists I have the pleasure of knowing never cease to amaze me…and, similarly, I am never surprised to learn that a new friend is a seriously mind-blowing creator of images/worlds.

The eminently talented Valeriya Valkova is a new friend of mine, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  High-caliber humanity + being able to produce artwork like hers = friends forever (one can only hope). But before we were friends I had encountered some of her pieces among the internet’s reserve of pizza-imagery (namely Pizza Brain‘s instagram), had fallen at least a bit in love with her, and NowI want to shout my praises from the rooftop.

water scared drown boy pool YMCA public beast monster lifeguard summer
Pool, 2009 (watercolor/ink/gouache)
knight picnic fox sausage feather horse unicorn armor jaysonmusson alexdacorte easternsports ICA philadelphia philly
Picnic Knight, 2012 (acrylic)

If we lived in Paris instead of Philadelpha, Ms Valkova would easily fit in with the artists over at French Fourch. Pop-culture,unconscious fears and myths, Internet memes, and sandwiches are influences on her work but the results are impeccably original.
She is something of a genius when it comes to composition and color, calling the eye here and there and everywhere, refusing to allow the observer to ever take anything at “face value”. Want Escherian variations on Barbie’s dream-home, canvases boasting Boschian cities populated with giants and/or animals, or fabric with lovingly rendered (and distinct variations) bundles of joy?  Didn’t know you wanted them?

Like any good magician, Ms Valkova will amaze and inspire you and leave you wondering “how’d she do that?”
You should probably hire her for something.

spider wizard shaman propher forest night moon watercolor frenchfourch worldwide
Spider Wizard, 2013 (acrylic, gouache )
Seeing House, 2014 (gouache)
Seeing House, 2014 (gouache)

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