snl tv funhouse robert smigel banned controversial conspiracy theory rock

“Conspiracy Theory Rock” from TV Funhouse

I didn’t know that i would ever say this again in my life, but I have been watching a lot of Saturday Night Live lately.

To explain briefly: 2015 began with me reading Amy Poehler’s excellent Yes Please as well as finally watching Bridesmaids for the first time (what’s wrong with me, right?).  Finally understanding the sheer joy of watching Kristen Wiig perform led me to up my Wiig-literacy and fill the vacant Show-I’m-Watching slot with Saturday Night Live from her run on it (starting with Season 32 in 2006).  It’s been a joy to watch an incredible cast that I missed entirely, instead preferring to spend the Saturday Nights of my early- and mid-twenties out and about in the city that I had recently moved to.  If you have never watched old SNL episodes that you have never seen, let me suggest that you do it one of these days, if for no other reason than to do a bit of time-traveling by watching people whose work you love right now being funny back before you knew their names.
(You can probably expect more thoughts on SNL in the future, but hopefully this at least somewhat explains to my Instagram followers why there have been so many pictures of Ms. Wiig on my feed lately).
But onto something slightly more interesting…

Above you will find a familiar SNL segment, one of Robert Smigel‘s TV Funhouse cartoons entitled “Conspiracy Theory Rock” (from a March 1998 episode), which is distinct in that it was the only TV funhouse which aired only once an then was subsequently omitted from repeat airings.  The controversial clip is described on Wikipedia as “a scathing political sketch accusing corporations including Disney, FOX, and then-owners of NBC General Electric, of developing a media monopoly to manipulate public perception, and conceal questionable actions. ”  Naturally, I loved Smigel & Co.’s effort to educate the sketch-show-watching public to the evils of concentrated media ownership and thought it worthy to share with you.  Watch it above and don’t bother wondering why it never aired after the first time (Hint: generally, those in power don’t take too kindly to something like this slipping past the gatekeepers).

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