pol-edouard terminator pen drawing france psychedelia art

Pol-Edouard’s Psychedelic Visions

pol-edouard drawing seoul chanteur 2011
Séoul, 2011

Psychedelia is alive and well in France in the artwork of one Pol-Edouard.  Relying on no single form to communicate his visions Pol-Edouard’s paints, markers, pens, and screen-prints his subjects with grotesque/surreal glee.  Dogs, warriors, pinups,and motorcycles feature prominently in his colorful canvases, which often depict conflict between people (see Grace versus Sigourney, where our familiar 1980s icons battle in a Vietnamese swamp), ravaged landscapes, and an obvious sense of unease at where humanity currently finds itself.  Pol-Edouard’s attention to every unnatural detail and subject-perfect use of color make a trip through his site a treat for anyone who looks at the world around them and quite simply cannot make heads of tails of it.
Pol-Edouard knows that things are not right in the world and his artwork captures the anxiety of 21st-century life with psychedelic perfection. Man’s best friend is biting back, enormous cyborgs battle one another while a cameraman misses the whole thing, a woman’s fingers are severed by a grinding BMX biker, a gas station attendant lives out his dream before no one, and the strongest human warriors are female.  In a world that would rather not acknowledge the everyday violence of patriarchy, human-centeredness, and technocracy we have Pol-Edouard to show us in his unreal shapes and colors the very real struggles we are all faced with.

pol-edouard jeux romain roman games print dog gladiator 3D France art book
Les Jeux romains (Roman games), 2012
pol-edouard stereoscope monster cat 2011
Le Monstre Chat (The Monster Cat), 2011
pol-edouard grace versus Sigourney painting psychedelic vietnam 2012
Grace versus Sigourney, 2012
pol-edouard le méchoui barbeque psychedelia painting beasts art
Le méchoui (The barbeque), 2013
pol-edouard la masaï 2012 psychedelic  silkscreen france art
La masaï, 2012 (silkscreen)

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