A New Favorite in Henry Valensi

henry valensi maison bonheur tranquile 1920 art musicalism color line manifesto modern
La Maison du Bonheur Tranquile, 1920

Just last night I returned from a trip to Paris where, over the course of twelve days, I was able to tire my eyes and brain out on art just about everywhere I went.  One of the many wonders revealed to me was the work of one Henry Valensi (1883-1960), which I had the pure joy of seeing at the Musée National d’Art Moderne.  Mr Valensi’s work was immediately engaging, alive as it is with motion and color, so it was not surprising to learn that he was the driving force behind an artistic movement called Musicalism. In the movement’s manifesto, written by Mr Valensi to coincide with the first Musicalist Salon in Paris, declares the group’s intention to bring the dynamic qualities of “rhythm, harmony, [and their] synthesis” which makes music so powerful onto their canvases.

All of the vibrations found in the varying brushstrokes and gradations of color lose a bit over a screen, but the aura of the works themselves should be enough to interest you.  Take a minute and look at the following pieces and if you are interested in more, visit the Musicalism website which is devoted to the life and work of this man’s artist sublime artistic vision.

henry valensi mariage des pamliers bou-saada 1921 painting oil musicalism france french modern
Le Mariage des Palmiers, Bou-Saada, 1921
henry valensy la vie militaire 1950 art france french painting modern line color
La Vie Militaire, 1950
henry valensy symphonie vitale 1952 art musicalism
Symphonie Vitale, 1952
La Vie Ouvrière, 1949

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