fka twigs hair sexy sensual r&b

FKA twigs – “Two Weeks”


Eight days ago a youtube clip for FKA twigs’ newest track “Two Weeks” appeared and, based on its below-one-million views (616,436 views as of this writing),  few outside the Pitchfork faithful have taken notice of the track.  If you have already fell under this song’s spell, then there is little I can say that you don’t already know. True, It took me a couple of listens before the magnificence of this song finally hit me, but after about 100 listens, I feel fine placing it squarely at the front of the race for Song of 2014 (the other major contender being Todd Terje’s “Johnny and Mary”).

“Two Weeks” is first an foremost, an undeniably sexy track. While the 2010’s have produced a fair share of ladies-can-be-freaky-too tracks (Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation”, Ciara’s “Body Party”, and Beyoncé’s “Partition” immediately spring to mind), “Two Weeks” is special.  As of this writing, this song is not playing on radio stations across the country but it deserves to just as much as any of the aforementioned chart-toppers.  Tahliah Barnett, the voice and brains behind FKAou have probably already stopped reading this and hit replay on that video above. I can’t blame you.

Go ahead. Do it again.

It only gets better.

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