David Lee Price Creates Playgrounds For Your Eyes

david lee price house tv mandala illustration drawing


To look through the tumblr of David Lee Price is to be invited into a whose is both familiar and undeniably original. One sees the influence of M.C. Escher in Price’s consistent use of overlapped details that create disorienting and impossible perspectives, along with plenty of graffiti/Basquiat/Haring-inspired figures and textures.  Most of the work on Mr Price’s tumblr is in black and white (though his work in color is impressive), and looking through his work one sees a commitment to experimentation, both with the content of his pieces as well as how he presents them.  Mr Price’s work tends to feature environments overrun with modern devices like TVs and cell phones, distorted human forms, ghosts, animals and so many interesting shapes that it might take a moment to notice that anything has a distinct aura.  I hope that you will check out David Lee Price‘s tumblr and I look forward to seeing more of this incredible artist’s work.

david lee price five 2014 faces environment distortion ink paper

david lee price abstract experiment drawing david lee price waterfall wood skillet holes illustration black and white

david lee price eyeball 2014 ink black and white
Eyeball (2014)

david lee price watercolor ink experimental drawing

david lee price new mandala house black and white ink drawing

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