billy nicholls would you believe 1968 LP cover immediate records

Billy Nicholls’s Psychedelic Masterpiece

I arrived at Cafe L’Aube this afternoon to meet up with my friend James.  He was sitting in the front window, adorned in shoulder-length hair, floral shirt,and studio headphones through which something was issuing causing him to bop his head in that shameless brand of exuberance that comes from just having discovered something amazing.

“What are you listening to?” I asked him, before saying hello.

Billy Nicholls.  Do you know his stuff?”

“No.  What should I know?”

“Oh man. British kid…just listen to this,” he said, handing me the headphones. “He made it when he was 19. I think it’s up there with Pet Sounds.”  

Sunny psychedelia is perhaps the perfect music from a bright but chilly April morning and at this point in the day I have listened to Billy Nicholls’ magnificent album Would You Believe three times already.  I’m looking forward to coming back to it for years to come.  Listen to the full album below:

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