Jon Stewart’s Take on the NCAA

For years I have admired Jon Stewarts social commentary and the Daily Show‘s unending commitment to inform those that actually want a clue as to what the heck is going on in politics.  I appreciate Mr Stewart’s willingness to expose the hypocrisy of capitalism in whatever form it rears its head. The other night he took a few minutes to discuss the exploitation machine that is the NCAA, using a clip of Men’s Basketball Most Outstanding Player Shabazz Napier talking about going to sleep hungry (despite the fact that he plays at a premier school with plenty of money to throw at new jerseys and coaches) and citing a recent ruling at Chicago’s Northwestern University that allows student athletes to unionize.  The sports/socialism commentary is apt, intelligent, and will hopefully result in the NCAA sharing some of their billions with the student athletes or…I don’t know…the cities and states in which these hugely lucrative schools reside. I assume that school presidents, team coaches, and all involved in collegiate bureaucracy will probably refuse to take pay cuts in order to compensate athletes, instead taking the route of raising tuition and blame the unionized athletes in an effort to pit the lower castes against each other.  Oh well…at least there are some athletes out there realizing that they are getting exploited and trying to remedy the situation.  Watch Jon Stewart’s more humorous take in the clip below:


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