menomena wet and rusting la blogotheque pacific northwest indie rock paris

The Daily Smile, Courtesy of Menomena

La Blogotheque is a wonderful thing. Since 2006 Vincent Moon & co have been bringing Take Away Shows into the world.  Exercises in collaboration and flexibility, the Take Away Shows find bands playing songs for (usually) a single camera.  They are less music videos than once in a lifetime performances caught on tape and sometimes they become little concerts for whoever wants to stop by and hear.  It is easy to get lost in La Blogothèques world but the one I want to share with you features Pacific Northwest indie rockers Menomena performing their song “Wet and Rusting” in a Parisian courtyard.  The song sounds great, the guys from the band seem like they are having fun, and about halfway through the video….you should just watch it.  It is great. I have been known to watch this video whenever I need an honest to God, sincere smile.

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