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Well Done, Aasif Mandvi

Over the years, Jon Stewart’s crack team of correspondents have set up interviews, played them straight, and asked the questions that you never hear asked on the “news- networks” in the name of revealing the true nature of the bipartisan system (as in, never saying anything other than what is found in their party’s vocabulary, taking as little responsibility as possible for the country’s problems and blaming the other party – you know how it goes). Legislators and FOX News contributors are usually the targets, and why not?  In the land of the 24-hour news cycle, the show that actually says something will probably be the one to….actually say something to its viewers instead of just supporting previously-held beliefs. 

Either way, the most recent of the caught-on-tape examples of rich people lying about things actually are, Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mangvi sees how bad things could get for Americans now that we live in an Affordable Care Act world and talks to a FOX business commentator about how poor people should “just stop being poor”.

It is my opinion that The Daily Show is at its best when it is making wealthy/powerful figures look like fools.  No easily deflected accusations or time for spin, catching people on camera speaking obvious untruths in the name of their party. It’s absurd but it is literally happening all the time with the 24-hour news cycle that we’ve developed over here in the privileged West.  Thankfully, the Daily Show (a political show on a comedy network…because it’s all comedy at this point) has been doing the good work of showing that it is possible to get another voice into the mix.  This lesson should be taken seriously by every adult out there, and if you don’t believe me think of how many situations you’ve encountered where it seemed like there were only two choices and all of your energy went into figuring out which was the “best” choice instead of putting that energy into considering other options.
It may sound silly but I really do think this is an important trait to learn in life – not only accepting available options but considering what else is out there.

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