Meet Francesca Cattaneo

francesca cattaneo fatboy slim weapon of choice project data visualization spize jonze
Look a little familiar?
This still is from a data visualization project based on Spize Jonze’s video for Fatboy Slim’s Weapon of Choice.

There is a woman in Toronto who seems capable of doing anything that crosses her mind in the world of graphic design and animation.  Her name is Francesca Cattaneo and, in keeping with my last post’s Smile, It’s Spring theme I wanted to share some of her work with you.  My wife, Rae, introduced me to the work of this Toronto-based artist whose short animation piece, What Makes You Happy? is currently getting a good amount of traction over on tumblr…and for good reason.  The minute long piece finds Ms. Cattaneo creating a number of completely original characters – all of whom are adorable – and shows them doing distinctly personal things to make themselves happy (I mean, not all of us have a little guy that pops out of our belly when we smack ourselves on the butt).  Taking the simple idea that seeing others happy can help makes us happy, Ms. Cattaneo creates an piece effective in any artistic sense of the word; it causes us to think, to feel, and hopefully to be a little-awe-struck and inspired.  I especially appreciated the simple reason that Ms. Cattaneo gives on her behance page for making this project: “Inspired by the many books, shows, and exhibitions on the subject of happiness we decided to animate what makes us happy to hopefully make you a little happy.”

After watching What Makes You Happy?  I went through the rest of the work she has up on her page and I was amazed at how wide her talents reach; an edible art book, a visual poem by Apollinaire, and art direction work that takes a feminist perspective to announce the need for and invite an intimate cinema -a stronger connection between viewer and animation.  Francesca Cattaneo is a seriously talented lady with great taste and incredible ideas.  Should she keep up the type of work she’s been doing the last few years I can promise that you will see more of her work in the future.  To take a look at what else this incredible artist has been up to, check her out on vimeo and behance.

francesca cattaneo mavensay badger red jumpsuit animation still
Francesca Cattaneo – from her Mavensay project


francesca cattaneo lemon kiss animation milano film
Francesca Cattaneo – from a workshop piece she participated in at the 2010 Milan Film Festival.


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