dusty springfield guitar

Happy Spring(field) to You!

If you live in the Northern hemisphere you already know that yesterday was the spring (or vernal) equinox, but I was occupied all day and didn’t have a chance to post so I am taking this opportunity to wish you all a happy spring! Perhaps you are not as glad as I am – if you don’t live in the Northeast US – but I will not hide how thrilled I am that winter is finally over.  We will get a few more inches of snow, sure, but it will be spring snow which is somehow not as bad as winter snow.  For all of us who suffer with degrees of seasonal affective disorder the first day of spring offers a hope that the oppression one feels from winter’s short days, gray skies and frustrating amounts of snowfall.  Sure, with spring there will be plenty of rain, references to The Waste Land, and people talking about their beach bodies but it’s certainly doesn’t make me feel as down as days on end without seeing the sun.

So happy spring to you.  May it be a time for you to get outside once more, ride your bike, make some street art or just take a long walk and observe the world in which you live.  Spring is a wonderful time of year, where renewal is easy to see all around.  Enjoy these days…I know that I will.  Regardless of where you live, I’m sure you will enjoy these ’60s pop hits from Dusty Springfield.

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