don't fret chicago street art sword peanut allergy

Don’t Fret: Chuckle and Think

dont fret wanted woman street art chicago

Some street art is utterly indecipherable.  Some is grand and nonsensical where others are eye-level figures with seemingly no purpose.  There is street art meant to make you think, meant to scare you, and meant to make you laugh.  From what I can tell, the artist going by the name of Don’t Fret is mainly out to let you know that he understands.

dont fret live die sword street art chicago dont fret phone street art chicago
What does he understand, you ask?   Don’t Fret understands the thoughts you have when you look at old fruit because he has the same thoughts, just as he sees the people on the street the same way you do and just as he frets over all the little realities that shape our lives (cell phone usage, peanut allergies). The artist has been to San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Sao Paolo and his native Chicago to put up thought-provoking artwork that displays humanity in all of its glorious mundanity…and in doing so, let’s us know that, “no matter how different we are, we’re just like everybody else”.  A couple kissing in the backseat of a taxicab is just as much a cliché as the man passed out in his underwear spilling the rest of his beer on the ground; whereas on a more societal level, a gun salesmen on the street dressed like an old-timey peanut salesman at a ballgame is just as likely a sight as an out-of work guerrilla marketing specialist   Don’t Fret‘s work is a clever mirror to our culture whether we want to admit to the reality of that culture or not, but as the name implies we don’t need to worry.  We can view sly works like these and laugh at ourselves, hopefully laugh a bit at our often sad culture, and then hopefully get together to work towards changing the problems (in our society and in ourselves).  I’m looking forward to the day that I see a Don’t Fret piece up in Philadelphia.  Take a look at some of Don’t Fret‘s pieces below:

dont fret street art maurice sendak wild thing

don't fret street art chicago hooper nighthawksdont fret chicago street art back of house restaurant smokerschicago street art don't fret homeless guerrilla marketing

(All images are originally from Don’t Fret’s official page.)

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