1 Million Colors


Over the years and in various efforts to learn how to better appreciate things I often find myself going “back to basics”, as it were.  The perception of color is one of those things that I probably took for granted until I began to engage with more art, learning how artists would use color as a signature of their style, or to signify other meanings and stir up emotions, to provide balance and cohesion, and – often, it seems –  to enjoy the pleasure of paint’s inherent mutability while representing the world as honestly as possible.

A while back I found this image (I wish I could remember where).  It claims to present one million different colors distinguishable to the human eye in this small grid, and since my mind cannot comprehend that many hues and gradations of color I am content to just be mesmerized it.  And as if one million colors isn’t amazing enough, take a look below to see a purported 16.7 million-color image.

Our eyes are amazing things.  Hopefully we don’t waste them staring at screens all day long (myself included).


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