slint philadelphia union transfer may 1 reunion rock music

Slint: Philadelphia, 5/1/14

Holy Best-Reunion-News-Ever!!!
I just opened up my email to see one of the most exciting things I’ve come across in a long while:
slint philadelphia union transfer may 1 reunion rock musicThe email goes on to emphasize that Philadelphia’s “DIY” promotor/behemoth R5 Productions would not exist without Slint  (nor would a lot of bands that have come along since them). The announcement comes hot on the heels of a two-night screening of the Lance bangs-directed documentary about the band, Breadcrumb Trail at Philadelphia’s all-purpose arts venue PhilaMOCA.  As for me, all I need to say is that this band’s 1991 LP, Spiderland, changed the way I listen to music.  It sounded immediate, like these kids (and they were kids when they made it) knew you could actually do whatever you want to do as a band and “get away with it” as long as you mean it.  And goodness, do they mean it.  Slint was the first “screamy” band that I ever listened to, Brian McMahan’s vocals taught me to listen closely to lyrics, while his and Pajo’s are-they-in-tune guitars made me see that the music I was listening didn’t need to “sound good” to sound good, and their soft-loud-soft songwriting kept me eager to hear what was coming next and was always surprising.  If you are anywhere in driving distance of  Philadelphia i would encourage you to go to this show.  Seeing as Spiderland  is still exciting and downright inspiring today as it was 23 years ago, it is sure to be an incredible show.

Listen to Spiderland:

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