federico babina archist city illustration

Federico Babina


A week ago I was on tumblr and cam across the work of Italian illustrator Federico Babina.  The image above, Archist City, became a kind of game for me as I tried to figure out which artists inspired which piece in the Mr. Babina’s city of imagined buildings.  Given Mr. Babina’s eye for the iconic it was relatively easy to recognize a number of the inspirations: Dali, Serra, Picasso, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Mondrian, and Miro. About the project, Mr Babina, “Art and architecture are disciplines that speak and lightly touch each other, the definition and function of the architecture are changing constantly with the development of contemporary art”.  It is a wonder to see how he applies each artists formal and stylistic influences into his Archist City.

federico babina archist city mondrian house illustration

federico babina archist city keith haring illustration

On his site he has a slideshow of the entire set which was a joy to look through…I was even introduced to a few names that I was not familiar with and am now excited to look into.   Once on Mr. Babina’s site I was delighted to see that he is not new to cleverly conceived illustrations inspired by other mediums.  To look at his site now the collections Archiset and Archicine, which depict iconic cross-sections of sets and iconic scenes from films, are not only gems to look at (especially if you know the films depicted) but show Mr. Babina practicing his ability to distill memorable moments into single images which he creates with a reverence and appreciation for the films and artists involved (he earns extra points for the playful use the Saul Bass font he is so fond of using).  If you are a fan of illustration, references, or the old “talent borrows, genius steals” adage I would suggest you spend a few minutes of Mr. Babina’s site – it will most likely bring a smile to your face. And be sure to visit Federico Babina’s society6 page to purchase any of these prints for the art- and film-lovers in your life.

federico babina modern tims charlie chaplin archiset illustration

federico babina all about my mother archiset illustration

federico babina archicine mon oncle jacques tati illustration

federico babina archicine contempt le mepris illustration

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