gregory benton b+f comic adhouse colorful magical editions ca et la

B+F by Gregory Benton

gregory benton b+f adhouse editions ca et la wordless comic

Gregory Benton is a comic book artist who has been involved in the industry since 1993. Last year he put out B+F, which i had never heard of until I ran across it today at Locust Moon Comics.  The oversize edition of this gorgeous wordless tale, which I “read” in its entirety in the shop, immediately went onto my as-soon-as-I-have-money list. Whenever I read a comic that gets me as excited as B+F did, I am usually struck by the reality that the creator really knows how to work his/her medium.  B+F finds the creator taking a simple enough premise – a woman and her dog make their way through a forest full of creatures – and using it to comment on the deepest fears that everyone knows: being introduced to what evils lurk within us, the reality of isolation and loneliness, death and loss…you know them already.  I was comforted to encounter this story and remember that many of the most difficult emotions that I feel are actually very relatable for others.  And I am not the only one so impressed by this amazing book: it won the Society of Illustrator‘s first ever Award of Excellence at last year’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s MoCCAFest.
In Mr. Benton’s work there is an undeniable – if unintentional – kinship with a lot of the artwork that one might find in the best zines yet the storytelling, being entirely visual, shows that Mr. Benton’s two decades of work in the field has provided him not only with an unfettered imagination (his characters always look impressive), but with the ability to affect the reader on an emotional level, even without words.  I’m still thinking about B+F and I’m looking forward to sitting down with it again someday soon.

gregory benton B+F comic adhouse editions ca et la

gregory benton b+f comic wordless adhouse editions ca et la

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