alex maclean aerial photography mountain field

Alex S. MacLean

alex maclean aerial photographyLincoln, Massachusetts is the home of two men named John whose band, They Might Be Giants, wrote the song that inspired this blog’s name.  This post, however, is not about They Might Be Giants. It is about one Alex MacLean.
Not familiar with that name?? Alex MacLean makes photographic art out of aerial photography and, as you already know, I love aerial photography!
Before earning a living creating his incredible photographs Mr. MacLean earned a Bachelor of Arts as well as Master of Agriculture, both from Harvard (I’m glad that a quick Wikipedia look-up was able to confirm to me that the man is no slouch).  When I initially stumbled upon Mr. MacLean’s website I was amazed at how painterly his photos were…I mean, some of the shots in his “Recent Work” and “Deserting” sets look just like much modern/minimalist/contemporary painting and design work.  Even more so eye, Mr. Maclean possesses a genius for balanced composition and beautifully juxtaposed colors.

alex maclean aerial photography white waterslide alex maclean bombers desert aerial photography alex maclean aerial photography picnic park
These attributes alone would make his work well worth checking out, but unlike many contemporary artists Mr. MacLean’s work is intentional, showing the viewer an always-changing world, one affected by and sometimes overrun with humankind’s technology and progress.  While much of his work shows nature at its most exquisitely undisturbed I have chosen to feature photos which show assemblies, collections of similar objects – most of which involve modes of transportation – which not only invite reflection but, viewed in concert with the artist’s austere nature photography, lead to questions about humankind’s relationship with the land itself.  (Two questions I asked myself were: Are there really that many out-of-use bombed planes just sitting around? and How did the people get out of those outlying boats?   I never said that the questions had to be profound.)  Go to Mr. MacLean’s site to see many more thought-provoking, awe-inspiring pictures of the world as seen from above. alex maclean aerial photography Pool Next to the Charles River, East Boston, MA 2012

alex maclean aerial photography cars woods

alex maclean aerial photography boats dock

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