Gal Costa

For those of you who have heard Gal Costa‘s exquisite cover of Caetano Veloso’s “Baby” but nothing else by the singer, prepare yourselves to meet another side of Ms Costa.  (And for those who have never heard that song, click that link already.  You will be happy for doing so.)

In 1969, Gal Costa was in Brazil making mind-bending music with her contemporaries Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, and Os Mutantes to celebrate what they could bring into many facets of art as a movement called “Tropicália”.  In today’s globalized world, much of it sound like straight up psychedelia, as a lot of it rips and roars and squeals just as loud as anything from America or the UK at that time.  The album above, Gal Costa’s fourth LP, Gal, is quite possibly the most aggressive, diverse, confusing – and for all those reasons, incredibly charming – of the records that defines the era that introduced hipsters the world over to Brazilian music.  You don’t need to be into psychedelic rock or Brazilian Tropicália, but give Gal a chance and you might find yourself smiling, maybe even “getting into” one of those genres.  I love this album and would love to introduce you to it. 

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