camille grosperrin

Camille Grosperrin

camille grosperrin 4

The above illustration was made by a woman by the name of Camille Grosperrin and when I first saw it I passed over it thinking it too similar to the type of posters you see hanging up all over stores like Urban Outfitters but when I passed over it again I decided to give it a closer look.  The piece was more cohesive than the draw-over-it-in-photoshop job I assumed its thumbnail to be, more understated and emotive than I initially gave it credit for.  The immediate feeling of “I’m an ass for judging like that” gave way to fascination at how articulately the rabbits are rendered and I searched for more of her work.  I tried but can’t seem to find out too much about Mr. Grosperrin except that she is a French textile designer and illustrator (duh) but of course I was able to find some more drawings and they are even more stunning. Have a look and hope with me that Camille Grosperrin’s name is one we will be hearing much more in the future and, of course, seeing more of her excellently crafted artwork.
[Ms. Grosperrin, if you happen to see this and would be willing to do an interview of any kind, I would love to talk with you.]

camilllegrosperrin3 camille grosperrin

camillestrabicGo to the drwormhole tumblr to see the whole series that the above image comes from.  And please follow me on tumblr as well.

camille grosperrin

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