jen stark dimension paper contemporary art spring rainbow

Jen Stark’s Paper Art

jen stark dimension paper contemporary art spring rainbow
Dimension, 2013

The work you are seeing is by a Miami-based artist named Jen Stark who uses colored paper to make eye-popping, mind-bending artwork that blurs the line between painting and sculpture.  I should no longer be surprised when I come across someone creating in a way that I had not considered as these are the innovators, the pioneers who inspire the rest of us to consider new ways of do things (and as always, the best art inspires us personally/socially as well as artistically).  More important than Ms. Stark’s trailblazing spirit however is that the artwork she creates is visually beautiful, conceptually compelling, and difficult to pull yourself away from.  I have not seen any of her work in person yet but I doubt it will be long before I have a chance to.

Holographic Circle, 2012

Stark began working with paper while living in France for a time, as she had little money to work with and paper was the cheapest medium she could afford.  What was born out of limitation has resulted in what looks like it could be an endless project; think of it as “variations on the medium paper”.  Ms. Stark’s work might seem like so many more additions into the catalog of candy-colored contemporary art but her craft lives up to her vision.  Her pieces sport names like Alpha and OmegaDimensionTrinityThe Highest PointPiece of an Infinite Whole, and Cosmic Distortion, and it is clear that the mystic aspect of these meditative pieces is no accident.  Bright pieces that use color, sacred geometry, and unknowing as their springboards make for straightforward work which is welcoming, comforting, and, perhaps for some, a bit unnerving. Don’t forget that old Nietzschean aphorism: “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you”. No one said that abyss couldn’t be found in a piece of art.

jenstark paper art colorful centrifugal
Centrifugal, 2010
Power of Being, 2011
jen stark paper art rainbow trinity contemporary art
Trinity, 2011

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