For Philadelphia: Streets Dept

Photo by Conrad Benner

The other day a friend of mine turned me on to the Philadelphia art-spotting blog Streets Dept. I proceeded to get lost in the loving created blog that Conrad Benner has made.  The nature of the site is simple: Benner goes around Philadelphia taking pictures of what he sees and reporting on it, “street art, a nice sunset, abandoned spaces . . . but mostly street art.”  Seeing as I have often lamented Philadelphia’s lack of big-name and large-scale street art pieces, I was thrilled to be introduced to Mr. Benner’s blog, which gave me a chance to see a lot of great stuff that is happening in Philly that I just don’t happen to pass by in my daily travels.  The site also includes a fair amount of urbex/ruin photography as well as relevant news updates and, recently, a mobilized effort to get SEPTA (Philadelphia’s mass-transit provider) to run their subways 24/7 (which I fully support).  The level of researched reportage that goes into Mr. Benner’s posts are a credit to him and to how much he cares about his hometown; i.e. enough to actually inform readers of what is going on and why.  If you live in or around Philadelphia of if you are interested in street art, check out Streets Dept.  And congratulations, Mr. Benner on your excellent – and much-appreciated – blog…hopefully more street artists will pop up knowing that they’ve got at least one set of eyes on their (unfortunately) transient work.

summayy jillani
Wheatpaste by Summayya Jillani
T-shirt Designed by Mr. Benner and Print Liberation

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