Slinkachu’s Litte People

slinkachu2Ever since 2006 the British street artist and blogger Slinkachu has been fashioning whimsical scenes all over London’s street…with miniature model train figurines.  His on-going Little People project, which began in 2006, has been garnered him international attention not only for the creativity found in the pieces themselves, but at the sheer bravery of the project’s near-invisible scope.  Sure, when people think of street art they think of creations on the grandest scale but Slinkachu’s miniatures are a more subtle art, asking us to stop and look around in the middle of our busy daily lives.  This project is a rare work where the marriage of themes and practice is so apparent that it speaks to our deepest places and might even teach us something.   Shinkachu method is incredibly simple – set up figures, take pictures, leave figures to  a fate of thousands of trampling feet, pigeons, and wing- but its message is large; a message of seeing other people exactly where they are, a message of understanding, hope and life.


I like this , too: “And I like to think that almost no one sees my work. Because we all ignore intentionally or unintentionally much that surrounds us in a city,” (as told to German magazine Das

slinkachu-Stroll 1 slinkachu-workers

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