I Have Begun

4 Faces

I am a thirty-year-old who hadn’t tried to make visual art since I was in grade school.  But ever since a few years ago when I started dating my now-wife I have wanted to try to draw and paint.  My wife is a much better artist than me in every technical way and I am a recovering perfectionist so i am prone to drawing for 5 minutes and stopping because I am pretty sure no one will like it – regular artist’s difficulties, I assume.  However, my wife has been encouraging to me, telling me to continue to draw and paint if I really enjoy doing it…which I do.  So I have finally decided to share some of these drawings, just to get them out there, and I spent the morning uploading a number of my recent artwork to a flickr account.  If you have a flickr, don’t be a stranger over there.  This is my very first foray into sharing my artwork with the Internet so any words of wisdom/encouragement would be greatly appreciated…though I don’t really need any art-making advice.  I like my style and look forward to seeing how it grows and changes as I learn more over time. Here are a couple of my pieces:

Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise
Ladykiller (cowboy)
Ladykiller (cowboy)
Miss America
Miss America

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