We Will Miss You, Vivian Girls!


Since 2007 the Brooklyn-based Vivian Girls brought to the world a straightforward, fuzzy, exuberant brand of rock music.  I had the great fortune of seeing them perform live twice and was one of the many people who found their music to be a joyous reminder that not every musical act takes it upon themselves to attempt to reinvent to Great Wheel of Pop.  This afternoon I learned from a piece by Jenn Pelly that Vivian Girls have called it quits.  Their hook-filled, ’60s-girl-group inspired songs filled with youthful exuberance and the underlying proclamation that “You can do this, too!!” were not only easy to listen to but fun and relatable, often at the same time.  As inspiring in their professional breeziness as in their nonchalance as physical embodiments of the woman’s place in the hipster/indie rock world (yes, women are still under-represented in rock music in the post-9/11 world), the Vivian Girls did plenty for music in the 2000s and they will be greatly missed.  Take a listen to some of their songs below and if you have never listened to Vivian Girls, their self-titled 2008 LP, do yourself the favor.  It is about as punk rock as it comes, but with beautiful voices.  I will certainly miss Vivian Girls, but with the wonderful work bassist/vocalist Katy Goodman is doing with La Sera, the great Babies stuff that guitarist/vocalist Cassie Ramone is up, former drummer Frankie Rose‘s brilliant solo work, and current drummer Ali Koehler’s Upset I am sure that loads more great music will come in the future from the talented ladies that made Vivian Girls.  Thank you for what you gave to us and good luck with what is next for you!

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