Emanuele Kabu

emanuelekabu_untitled series 2011

Emanuele Kabu is an Italian contemporary artist who works in a number of mediums including drawing, painting, video, and installation work.  In his work Mr. Kabu is interested in how different colors and forms relate to each other, creating images of balance and harmony out of any number of smaller pieces, many of which appear to be bursting apart or coming together, tethered or falling into each other.  Nature is a common theme and most of his recent images involve little more than rock-like shapes and geometric lines in what I read to be visual allegories for human efforts to comprehend nature while at the same time exploiting it (disembodied body parts often show up; hands, eyes).  Of course, these paintings work just as well as minimalist surrealism.  Let me also encourage you to check out Mr. Kabu’s videos, which bring his immediately recognizable visual vocabulary to life (I first came across him when I saw this one).

emanuelekabu- Untitled Series (2010) emanuelekabu-chasethetear emanuelekabu-statusquo emanuelekabu-untitled series 2012 emanuelekabu-untitled series 2013

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