A GIF in Your Face


In case you didn’t know the academic authority Oxford English Dictionary named GIF (v.) the word of the year in 2012.  You probably aren’t surprised seeing as your little brother has been wasting his time making those things for the past 6 years, right?  If that’s the case he might be a little more of an artist than you give him credit for.  Since GIFs have been around as long as the Internet the form has had to fight an uphill battle to overcome the bad taste that dancing bananas and rotating hearts on geocities websites left in most people’s aesthetic mouths.  Well, the first decade of our new century has been kind to the GIF; faster internet connections, an ever-widening Web to pull from, and the rise of smartphones have made GIFs one of the most ubiquitous things on the web, with no shortage of websites and blogs committed to them.  And while many of these are just 4-second loops of a TV show or movie with some words thrown over top of them, some of them are being made by individuals with much more creative tendencies.

ungifdanstagueule2The creator of the GIFs on the blog Un gif dans ta gueule (A gif in your face) made all of the GIFs you will see on this post (the name Nicolas Monterrat shows up on many of the images on linked-site a slight gap so I assume that this is the creator of both).  The GIFs that are found on UGDTG run the gamut from silly and clever – as you see up top – to transcendent continuations of what the still images could be.  There are plenty of the 4-second clip GIFs as well as the moving-painting style GIFs which leads me to view all of them as their own little very short films, some of them have a “point” and some of them are just meant to be beautiful, some comment on the world we live in while others bask in the glory of what technology has made possible for us.  As long as their people out there working along the lines of whoever is making the stuff on UGDTG the Internet will continue to be (at least in some parts) a fascinating and lovely place.

ungifdanstagueule1 ungifdanstagueule5 ungifdanstagueule4


Please go to the un gif dans ta gueule page to see countless more GIFs and don’t forget to check out a slight gap where you can see non-moving images that mash up high art seamlessly with the contemporary everyday.  In the images below see how Rodin’s The Thinker and Rembrandt’s Moses with the Ten Commandments are updated.

aslightgap2 aslightgap

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