Celebrating Women: Waxahatchee

By this point you probably know about singer/songwriter Katie Crutchfield’s musical project, Waxahatchee.  Her second album, Cerulean Salt, was widely praised in the music press – and rightly so.  [You will see it on my favorite records of 2013 list eventually.]  The album possesses a serious leap from American WeekendMs. Crutchfield’s first album as Waxahatchee, with the employment of an actual studio v. the bedroom she recorded AW in as well as a backing band on a number of the tracks.  Both albums add up to a compelling ongoing narrative of twenty-something heartbreak in the 21st century.  The praise might be lost on some but that most likely has more to do with the fact that women in rock music are still grossly under-reported on and under-appreciated.  I am glad that many have heard Ms. Crutchfield’s work and have been impressed enough by her matter-of-fact approach to love and loss to write about her and I gladly throw my hat into the ring as well.  May Waxahatchee remain a fruitful project for those involved.  We listeners are winning big-time with these earnest records to go back and relate to again and again.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Women: Waxahatchee

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