The Illustration of Renaud Perrin


Whenever I have had the time to do some drawing lately I have been trying to stop thinking so much about what I am doing and just go as “automatic” as a control freak like myself is able to.  Usually I like what shows up on the page.  I’m figuring out how to let go of the expectation I have of myself to draw something “right”.  It’s just hard seeing how many unbelievably imaginative artists there are out there and being pretty sure that no one will get as excited when they see my drawings as I do when I see.  For example, when I first came across the work of Renaud Perrin I was captivated to the point that I literally just stared at image after image – whole minutes just looking and smiling at some of them.  It’s not the craziest artwork I’ve ever seen but the content makes the style come alive – like some sort of magic.  If I could draw like that, I would think I was doing it “right” I thought when I saw the work of the 36-year old Mr. Perrin of France, who uses his authorial control over images as its own type of medium where he creates such self-sufficient worlds in single images that everything makes sense logically as well as visually.  And it is exactly this style that makes coherent some otherwise rather “crazy” images that had me so spellbound.  I hope you enjoy some of his work and make sure to go to his site to see more.

renaud_perrin-michaux (pier)
Pier – from the Michaux linocut series
nenaud_perrin_2014st gartien
Happy 2014 to the city of Saint-Gratien – poster
Current Arts Festival 2013 in Gentilly – poster
Georges Perec: Species of Spaces – poster
renaud_perrin_so foot
For So Foot magazine
renaud_perrin_le monde
For La Monde magazine

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