New How To Dress Well track

One of these days I will sit down and write a well thought out treatise on why I love the music of Tom Krell‘s dream-pop/R&B project, How To Dress Well, discussing how our love songs deserve to be washed in distortion or scrubbed so clean that they are impossible to believe.  I will talk about how How To Dress Well opened the door for the R&B revolution that we are all reaping the benefits of – seeing as R&B hasn’t been as exciting as it is right now since…probably never.  But that is now for this post.
“Words I Don’t Remember” was released only a few days ago and it is a powerhouse return for Mr. Krell.  I am incredibly excited to hear what a full record of HTDW songs along this lines will sound like; straight-up funky break with vocal otherwise upfront and honest sounding, and all with a bit more life behind the delivery than on previous releases.  Only two full-lengths in and I seriously think How To Dress Well is a contender for  one of the most important musical artists working today.  Round out your understanding of How To Dress Well’s progression to “Words I Don’t Remember by listening to the following songs:

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