Meet Dennis Bovell


Blackbeard - 1980 - I Wah Dub

You might not recognize the name Dennis Bovell (or his moniker Blackbeard) but you have probably heard something that he has produced:  the Pop Group, the Slits, Orange Juice, Madness. Mr. Bovell has spent his career journeying to every galaxy in the dub universe and recording what he learns there. I was first turned onto this man’s genius when Pandora threw a track from I Wah Dub at me one day and I’ve been hooked ever since. Apparently Mr. Bovell is pretty well known in certain circles and I apologize if I am late to the Bovell party and I am totally lame.    His songs are jams and his jams are awesome. Every single sound is spaced out in a perfect distance to the others  and the ones that Blackbeard works in are about as delicious as they come.  And no wonder: our host is the best chef out there. Do yourself a favor and click on that link above and give yourself a little ace in the hole whenever you are at a party and they are talking way too loudly about the coolest record they’ve ever heard.

Oh yeah, and his record covers are consistently surprising and amazing.





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