Vello Vinn

Shift, 1977, Estonia
Rockets, 1977

Estonian illustrator and printer Vello Vinn seems to have gained quite an internet following over the last few years.  And I am one of the many grateful who had never known this man’s work before the countless many art + design blogs that had taken over the whole wide web had introduced me to it.  And who else was it to have done the introduction than my longtime favorite 50 watts.  As a longtime lover of outsider art and with so much of Mr. Vinn’s work resembling that genre with its hordes of figures, a unique style and a knack for the surreal, it didn’t take sight of too much of Mr. Vinn’s artwork to be hooked. From what I have learned Mr. Vinn hasn’t done any illustrating in a long time but had kept himself busy with making prints. With a very well practiced hand, an eye for details, and a way with symmetry I am sure he has been making some incredible prints.  I included only a couple of examples of Mr. Vinn’s work but please check out 50 watts to see more.



Above 3 images are from ‘Kas Sa Tunned Seda Teed?’ by Helvi Jürisson (Do You Feel That Way?, 1973, Estonia)
from Helvi Jürisson’s Putukajutud (Insect Stories, 1983, Estonia)

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