An Idea Called zzzzoom

By Blaz Kutin
By Blaz Kutin

Someone had a sincere, curious, and forward-thinking idea and they decided to call it zzzzoom.  Their description of themselves is this: “another way of interviewing photographers”.  The images I am sharing in this post all come from contributor’s answers that can be found on the site.  The blog itself is simple: its submissions guidelines ask photographers to send them pictures which serve to answer the following questions:

1. who are you?
2. when did you start shooting?
3. what inspires you?
4. why do you take pictures?
5. where would you like to be right now?
6. how do you understand photography (or art in general)?
7. anything you would like to add?

So the photographers name, these questions and their photo-answers make up a post.  That is it.

By Fabien Lecoq

As you can image the ways in which these questions are answered take on incredibly different tones, some of the photograph in a series look very similar to each other and other photographers use similar forms throughout their series in interesting ways. Still other times the responses are shockingly literal but with a bit of flair thrown in.  The simplicity of the blog’s approach allows something magical to occur in all of this. I like to image that these photographers were being incredibly honest with these photographs and that there is something achingly sincere to learn about each of them.  And as  go through more and more of these little exercises, I don’t think I am all that wrong.  So I would like to say a very specific thank you to the person (or people) over at zzzzoom for their amazing idea that lets photographers be themselves and share themselves with the world in a way that they might not always feel comfortable doing.  Here’s hoping that one day it will serve as a personal milestone for many great photographers who can look back and say “That is who I was then….time for me to re-submit an update”.

will hooper1

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