The Great Loneliness of If You Leave

By Shelbie Diamond (2010)

If You Leave is an exceptionally well curated photography blog that features photos of the gravest of emotions: loneliness.  More specifically, the photos impressionistically depict loneliness and – as the name of the blog implies – one is wise to read these photos as something more artistically significant than the result of a bunch of kids with cameras.  If You Leave is now entering their fifth year of sharing what it feels and looks like to be alone to an ever-growing international cast of more than 200 different contributing photographers.  Today’s technology might allow for a few too many teenagers taking a few too many selfies but as long as there are blogs like If You Leave out there, those of us with eyes to see will have a place to turn and remember that the art of photography is still alive and well in 2014.  Take your time looking at the images below and go with them wherever they take you…I think you will notice beauty in isolation that these photographers saw when they took these pictures.

By Ikebana (2010)
iyl-ekin buyuksahin2011
By Ekin Buyuksahin (2011)
iyl-ilaria rossetti2012
By Ilaria Rossetti (2012)
iyl-sl berlin2012
By SL Berlin (2012)
iyl-leo berne
By Leo Berne (2013)
iyl-théo gosselin
By Théo Gosselin

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