This morning’s big announcement is that Beck‘s new album Morning Phase is currently the featured album streaming over at NPR‘s First Listen.  All early rumblings and press releases have been announcing this album as a sort of sequel to the idiosyncratic singer/songwriter’s 2002 album Sea Change. If you do not know why this is an exciting thing, why don’t you click that link and see if you are drawn in by the album’s first sun-soaked minute.  Otherwise you know very well that any new Beck music is exciting, since he is a visionary who has been following his muse into the deepest waters of creativity and pulling it off for over twenty years now. Beck playing the laid-back ’70s California rocker of our collective dreams is the best possible news for the month of February 2014 (especially for those of us in the Northeast US who are getting hit with crazy amounts of snow and horrible) but I don’t know why you haven’t CLICKED ON THE LINK ALREADY.  

Can you tell I love Beck?  I hope you love Morning Phase as well.
[I’ve listened to it twice now and I can tell it’s going to be in my personal top-5 Beck albums.]


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