Sam Alden’s HAUNTER


Since 2008 Sam Alden has been producing some of the most consistently invigorating webcomics around. Giving a cursory glance to his work one will find a tradesmen who is comfortable varying his visual style to fit whatever story he might be telling…and he is not afraid to tell a challenging story.  Taking a closer look at Mr. Alden’s work reveals that he has more than just talent, but ideas, compassion and a knack for visual storytelling that others work years to obtain.  With his brilliantly paced and expertly drawn wordless adventure story HAUNTER he has created a work which will certainly be referenced by artists for years to come. The plot is simple, as two monochrome characters engage in a chase through a world of psychedelic colors, yet from that framework Mr. Alden is able to draw the reader in enough to evoke both fear and excitement (don’t be surprised if you find yourself reading faster).  It is hard to say much more about it without spoiling anything so I encourage you to head over the the Study Group and check give it a read – I can promise you that it will stay with you long after you finish.

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