The Best Part of the Olympics? The Posters


With the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia wrapping up in only a few short days I wanted to take a moment to post something Olympic-related.  Beyond the medal count, the lighting ceremony, and the force-fed stories of Americans overcoming great personal obstacles to bring glory and pride to their country (that is what NBC gives us over here…I don’t know if it is the same in every other country), there are those things which prove to be more permanent (thanks to hard drives and jpgs) than the thrill of winning, more jaw-dropping than downhill skiing, and more lovely than a perfectly executed triple Lutz: the posters produced to announce and celebrate the Games themselves.  Reflecting the artistic sensibilities of the times in which they were produced and usually leaning toward minimalisms, these posters stand along as pure works of art (I’m looking at you Mexico ’68) and oftentimes visually depict some element of the hot country’s national identity as well.  I present to you a slew of Olympic posters that will have you thinking more about color, composition, and typography than about nationalism and competition.


1940 Tokyo Olympics




1968 Grenoble Olympics

1968_mexico_olympics poster

1972 Sapporo Olympic Gamesmontreal-olympics-1976

innsbruck-olympics 1976

Moscow 1980 Olympics poster


1984 Olympic Games Poster Los Angeles


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