AirPano: the Web’s Great Aerial Photography Resource

airpano rio de janeiro brazil sunset aerial photography
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Earth is a wonderful and beautiful place possessing diverse topographical and geological wonders.  It is also the home to us humans, the planet’s most intelligent creatures whose adaptability, ingenuity, and creativity have resulted in countless architectural structures – many of which have survived wars, centuries, and innumerable changes in ownership to be marveled at today.  Perhaps you are not impressed by old buildings and don’t have the footwear or stomach for steep climbs in which case we must rejoice in one of the most majestic ways that technology has offered to us to virtually travel: aerial photography.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square – Moscow, Russia

Given my travel record it is doubtful that I will see many of the wonderful cities or the great natural wonders that I would like to and because of this I am incredibly thankful for AirPano.  For those interested in our planet’s most picturesque locales and/or high-quality photography AirPano is an essential resource.  The project describes itself thusly: “AirPano is a not-for-profit project created by a team of Russian photo enthusiasts focused on taking high-resolution aerial panoramic photographs. Although we usually photograph from a helicopter, we also like to shoot from an airplane, a dirigible, a hot air balloon, and a radio-controlled helicopter.”  As I looked through AirPano’s images I was amazed at the visceral feelings I got, becoming aware that the photographer must possess not only talent, but a thirst for adventure and a bit of a daredevil spirit as well.

Dragon Fall, Venezuela

Living as we do in a world of constantly-updating Instagram feeds full of people and food and people eating food, I was downright exhilarated to see expertly produced photographs of the actual world upon which all of those people live.  And as much as I love being one of those huddled masses, after looking through the website’s material made me realize something: if I have a choice I’d like to be reincarnated as a bird (ideally an albatross so I can fly all over the world).  Please enjoy the images that the wonderful folks at the AirPano project have brought to us and make sure to go to their website to see more stunning aerial photography – and be sure to check out their panoramic images as well.

Angkor Wat
Sagrada Familia -Barcelona, Spain
Dragon Fall, Venezuela
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
airpano_cenral_park_new york city USA aerial Photography
Central Park – New York City, USA
airpano Church of the Intercession on the Neri - Russia aerial photography
Church of the Intercession on the Neri – Russia
Church of the Intercession on the Neri - Russia
Church of the Intercession on the Neri – Russia (2)

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