kasper kagi copper nail

Mr. Kägi’s Wild World

kagi - Still Life (Bull Skull Surrounded By Succulents)
Still Life (Bull Skull Surrounded By Succulents)

Kasper Kägi is an artist from who lives in Sydney, Australia who works with pencils, markers, and paint. He appears to be inspired by everything from cartoons, Internet/glitch art, video games, and naive art. Mr. Kägi takes potential my-kid-could-do-that philistinism away from the audience by creating pieces that appear to be ugly and unconsidered only at first glance.

kasper kagi copper nail
Copper nail

These surreal, unsettling, frightening and often funny pieces fall under a few different stylistic categories and the artist has a strong command on his own voice.  This is hand-made art that appears to be imitating the MS Paint novice and from looking through Mr. Kägi’s flickr stream it also seems to be as “honest” as the work of any master, full of studies in his personal style – that admittedly can be a bit much to look at all at once.  Unfortunately this work will probably be dismissed by many as “too weird” or “too similar to acid art”, but I encourage you to look through Mr. Kägi’s work one at a time to appreciate his comments on our overly mediated, Disney force-fed, identity-confused, see-the-world-through-the-eyes-of technology culture.  Most of these comments come from his style and not necessarily from the content of his pieces which is not to say that the unreal compositions in many of Mr. Kägi’s pieces isn’t a wonder unto themselves.  Take a look at a few of Mr. Kägi’s work below.

kasper kagi creation
kagi-stoic girl
Stoic Girl
Kagi Shark Cull painting
Shark Cull
Upside down world

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