Two Gorky’s of Sochi


Arshile Gorky was one of the most important painters of the early 20th-century who, in his 22 year career of painting succeeded in producing a number of indisputable masterpieces as well as proving to be a huge influence on abstract expressionism.  I have seen a number of Gorky’s works and have always been impressed by them in person.  Many critics presume that his work is greatly inspired as the years he spent as a boy living through the Armenian genocide: horns, eyes, faces, hands are all evoked in Gorky’s work.

Well, in honor of the current Winter Olympics competition happening right now in Russia I want to share two of Gorky’s later works, both entitled Garden In Sochi (the first from 1941, the second from 1943).  The identical name doesn’t surprise since the pieces feel similar, many figures seem to prove that the paintings are from the same perspective of the garden. Yet the changes of colors indicate something significant; the 1941 piece’s green background could be indicating a summer scene with grass growing all around vs. the white, snowy background of the 1943 piece.  Take a look at them for yourself and enjoy the view of the Winter Olympics host city through the eyes of one of the modern painting’s greats.



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