Maja Wronska’s City Watercolors


We all know that the Internet is a vast repository of ideas; some of them are insightful, some are mean-spirited, some funny, and many are collections – online galleries where artists show their artwork and (hopefully) make a few dollars off of said work.  My wonderful wife came across a watercolor by Maja Wronska the other day and showed it to me with a “I saw these old buildings and knew you would love it”.  She wasn’t wrong – not even a little.

St. Petersburg

Looking at these pictures it feels obvious that I don’t need to say much about these paintings. Ms. Wronska is a 24-year-old architect, which shouldn’t surprise anyone – the attention to the buildings’ details, the photo-realistically rendered scale, the color choices which evoke the spirit of the cities themselves. (And then there is this video which includes the note, “yes, that’s right. I know the great painters use like a million brushes but I’m not so I use just one” which served to impress me even more).  While Ms. Wronska’s oeuvre is extensive enough to indicate that she probably hasn’t, in fact, traveled to all of the cities she has painted I am encouraged that there is a visual artist who is capable of capturing the material world with such a sense of majesty and wonder.  And that’s not all: Ms. Wronska’s paintings of other everyday objects such as bubbles and umbrellas is shot through with the same kind of vitality that her precise brush brings to these cityscapes.

Walk In New York

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