Jorinde Voigt: “Music Has to be On Highest Volume.”

Jorinde Voigt is a German artist who makes large-scale paintings with pencil, pens, paints. Like many artists she is inspired by music, but for her it seems a necessity to her creative process. One look at her artwork and it makes sense why.  Her paintings are not surreal, nor are they representational…they are exquisitely unique.

jorindevoigt jorindevoigt4

When I first heard of Ms. Voigt I spent a few hours poring through her website and looking at all of her work.  I noticed that every time I thought I had an idea of where Ms. Voigt’s style ends I would see a new piece that was entirely fresh.  Ms. Voigt claims that much of her work comes from the visualization of her thought structures, and I wish i could say I understand because I would love to make art this beautiful. Her lines swoop and swirl algorithmically, predicting some future architect’s drawings, her red lines run as they please adding what we couldn’t tell was missing, she writes notes on her canvasses similar to how fiction writers scribble notes on everything, and she makes it seem easy to introduce elements into a painting that seem to be completely contrary to the painting’s style (ostensibly by not allowing her paintings to have a “style” outside of being Jorinde Voigts).




I’m looking forward to seeing more artwork from her in the years to come, and especially looking forward to seeing some in person.  In this video by you can learn more about Voigt’s creative process and (warning: it’s a couple of years old).

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