Great Online Read – Black is the Color!!

Black is the ColorJulia Gfrörer’s Black is the Color would be a great place to start if you have never read an online comic – or any comic, for that matter.  The story, about two men set adrift from their ship, succeeds at making it seem an easy task to stir the audience’s emotions.  [I’m not saying it’s going to break your heart but it takes about 10 minutes to read so I’m working within the online comic parameters, here.]  I don’t really want to spend a lot of time talking about the story because the real story in Black is the Color is Gfrörer’s artwork: expressionistic, sketchy, comfortable, perfectly matched to her story.


BITC3With Black is the Color Gfrörer uses her relaxed style to wring what was left out of the all-alone-on-the-ocean trope and what she found might surprise you: hope and loss, realism and delirium, humor and boredom .  It feels like what it means to be alive, making it a truly inspired entry into the Webcomic Canon. I am looking forward to seeing more work from Gfrörer – though I have no reservations about advising anyone who enjoys Black is the Color to check out her shorter Phosphorous, which can also be found at Study Group comics.


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