The Gracefully Changing Moon


I was marveling at the myriad symbolic interpretations of the Earth’s moon, at how much importance humans have put onto the moon as an object, at how many of these symbols I employ in my own conceptions of things.  The moon is a powerful symbol of ideas like perseverance, death & rebirth (the cyclical nature of things), fertility, “the lesser light”.  Beyond literary symbolism the moon is something that operates very clearly in cycles, thus lending itself to graceful, symmetrical graphic representation:


The moon has been a partner to our planet long before humans were around to see it, and since we came alone it has been seen by every human.  Not only that but the moon’s physical influence on the waters of the Earth as the tides prove its power and formidability.  The moon’s allure lies in it being the essence of mystery, appearing to us as an ever changing natural consistency, whose changes only appears to change because of the Earth.  As far as the cosmos goes the moon is close to us, but still immeasurably beyond the grasp of most of humanity.

moonphasesWhether for art’s sake or for fashion’s, for informational purposes or on a national flag, the moon has burrowed its way into the Human Imagination and I don’t think we will be hearing or seeing any less of the moon than we have since art-making began.  This certainly doesn’t bother me at all since the balance and harmony of depictions of the moon tend to move me noticeably closer to internalizing the gentle-powerful nature of the moon itself.

Album Artwork of Converge’s 2012 ALL WE LOVE WE LEAVE BEHIND
Phases of the Moon Calendar
MoMA’s 2013 Phases of the Moon Calendar


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