Omnipollo – Excellence in Beer (and Label Design)

omnipolloYou might have noticed by now that I am a big fan of beer – particularly because of how creatively many breweries approach their branding/labeling.  Omnipollo is a relatively new name in the beer scene, founded in 2010 by Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin, but already winning plenty of accolades all across the globe.  The Swedish founders approach their work as “gypsy brewers” in the tradition of exceptional “breweries” like Mikkeller.  I suppose that looking at the line-up of beers above, one might not be surprised that these guys are brewing at different places all the time.  And though the labels on Omnipollo differ greatly one from another, the visual dimension provides some added attraction for anyone who is curious about some of the more adventurous brewers out there.

Fata Morgana - Imperial IPA
Fata Morgana – Imperial IPA
Mazarin - American Pale Ale
Mazarin – American Pale Ale

While minimalism is Omnipollo’s bent, their more intricately drawn labels are downright inspiring (check out the overcrowded Russian Roulette and the surreal En El Bosque to see what I mean). These labels are like the best LP covers – ocular complements to the object in question that enhance said object by making it enjoyable to another sense, thus more enjoyable on the whole.  These beers are the perfect ones to drink if you are the type of person to sit down with a beer the same way you wold sit down to listen to a record.    Enjoy some close-ups of Omnipollo’s gloriously left-field labels below:


omnipollo:evil twin

Moebius – Imperial IPA
Nebuchadnezzar – American Double IPA
En El Bosque – Red Ale
Nacken – Weisbier

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