Newspaper Poetry by Austin Kleon


Yesterday I found myself on Austin Kleon‘s blog and learned that he has published a book full of poems which have been made by redacting the majority of the words from newspaper articles but leaving the words which make the poem.  This is something that I had done for a little while back a few years ago but never kept up with, but I saw Austin pretty much has the monopoly on that form of creating poetry and the rest of us ought to seek out new ways.  I do not say this to close the door on some form for all the rest of us to use, but Kleon’s use of newspapers – a mass medium – to make the intimate statements/suggestions/observations as he does in his poems makes me appreciate the newspaper (as a thing) more than I have in a long time.  And while I like the thought of trying my own hand at the newspaper-poem once again, I think I will be happy to enjoy the thoughtfulness that goes into making these as I look through more of Kleon’s.
Take a look at a few of that I liked a lot from a list of “his favorites” and if you really like them go to this page to find out more about ordering the book.

kleonPoem1 kleonPoem3 kleonPoem5

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